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Introducing our law firm

Mackay Solicitors

Mackay Solicitors is a Dublin based law firm providing expert legal advice and services to individuals and businesses alike.

We have a highly experienced and qualified team who have both the knowledge and expertise to deal with your legal issues quickly, professionally and in a cost effective way.

Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury


The term "personal injury" legally refers to an injury or illness resulting from someone else's negligence, exacerbating its impact. If you find yourself in these circumstances, you may have the opportunity to file a personal injury claim. 



Mackay Solicitors offers expertise in the field of commercial conveyancing, standing as one of the foremost law firms in Dublin dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses and business professionals.


Wills & Probate 

Crafting a Will offers a distinct advantage by enabling clients to articulate the distribution of their property through a legally binding document. Making a Will empowers individuals to address the specific needs of family members.


Family Law

We specialize in handling cases related to Divorce, Separation, Maintenance Applications, Custody/Access/Guardianship, and Barring Orders.

Our goal is to prioritize our clients and maintain a professional approach.

Mackay Solicitors

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